Deluxe Leder

Über Deluxe Leder


Only the best quality leather hides are selected for DeLuxe leather and for use as aniline leather. This leather is naturally beautiful and able to breathe, it remains soft and flexible, and is also cool to the touch. All natural remarks like fat wrinkles, bug bites, skin injuries and more remain visible and underline the value of the leather and mark it as genuine leather.


Deluxe Leder Erfüllt die folgenden Standards:

  • EN ISO 12947-2 + AC 12 KPa

    EN ISO 12947-2+AC 12 KPa

  • EN ISO 12945-2

    EN ISO 12945-2

  • EN ISO 105-B02

    EN ISO 105-B02

  • EN ISO 13936-2

    EN ISO 13936-2

  • EN ISO 105–X12

    EN ISO 105-X12

  • EN ISO 105-D02

    EN ISO 105-D02

  • EN ISO 105-D01

    EN ISO 105-D01

  • ISO ISO 105-C06

    EN ISO 105-C06

  • ISO ISO 105-E16

    EN ISO 105-E16

  • EN ISO 105-E04

    EN ISO 105-E04

  • EN 1021-1:2014

    EN 1021-1:2014

  • EN 1021:2:2014

    EN 1021-2:2014